Tutor Payroll Calculations

You can use Oases to calculate your tutoring payroll for your payroll periods, based upon the pay rates you enter.  Consequently, when a tutor closes out a session and you approve it, the pay is added to the tutor’s running total.

For example, your tutoring payroll periods may be set to:

  • Monthly
  • Twice per month
  • Weekly
  • Every two weeks


Tutor Pay Rates

Oases collates all the sessions that are approved per staff member, per pay period. Most importantly, it will calculate a total using the the pay rate you have set.

You can use:

  • Personalized student, instructor and subject combination pay rate.
  • A pay rate based on a percentage of the amount billed to a parent for any particular student, instructor and subject combination.
  • Standard pay group containing pay tiers – pay groups allow you to set a pay rate for each session type and pay tiers use a different pay rate for each session based on the number of students in the session and how long each was there.
  • Pay group with minimum pay – use the pay group to guarantee a minimum payment for certain types of sessions..

Manual Adjustments

You may add manual adjustments and bonuses before closing out your gross totals and exporting your payroll information.

Late Sessions

Sessions that you do not approve in time will not be included in the gross totals. As a result, these late sessions will be paid when you approve them and you can handle these in two ways:

  • Carry forward one period only. For instance, pay the session only if it is approved within one payroll period
  • All period carry forward. For example, pay the session when it’s approved regardless of interim


Payroll Exports

When you have calculated your gross payroll in Oases you will need to export it to a payroll company. Alternatively, it can be sent to an internal department for withholding and payment.

To do this you can opt to use one of the many custom export formats for most of the major payroll processing companies.

Tutoring payroll

Once rates are entered, anticipated payroll is displayed but only the green approved sessions are included in the gross tutor pay.


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