Student Scheduling

Student Scheduling in Oases tutor tracking software is flexible and configurable. As such, you can choose different methods of session and schedule creation to suit your needs and preferences.


Student Attendance

Each session you create for a student is the method of tracking student attendance. Therefore, if the tutor closes out the session in the normal manner the student attendance is logged. Similarly, if the tutor closes out the session changing the student attendance, this is also logged.


Session Display

Once created the student schedule and the sessions that make up the student schedule display around Oases. Thus, where you view the sessions will depend on where you are working and your display preference.

Sessions and Attendance will display in:

  • Central Calendar
  • Student Calendar
  • Staff Calendar
  • Lane Calendar
  • Session List
  • Schedule List
  • Student Record
  • Parent login
  • Reports

The session tracks the student attendance, is closed out and submitted by the tutor and may be used in conjunction with Assignment Tracking.

Oases Calendar

As listed above, there are many iterations of the Oases tutor tracking software calendar. This allows you to choose your perspective when viewing sessions. Additionally, the Oases calendar can also be set to filter student scheduling:

  • Week
  • Day
  • Month
  • List view
  • Lane view
  • Program filter view
  • Location view
  • Tutor overlay
  • Color by tutor
  • Custom session buttons


Intelligent Match Feature will send sessions to the calendar after finding an available, qualified instructor.



If you want to save even more time use Schedules to have Oases tutoring software make all the sessions for you. Select the day and time and duration or multiple days and multiple times and yes, multiple durations then a start and end data and every individual session is created and is then visible in the calendar and the sessions list.

Schedules has the added bonus of Availability Match Feature so you don’t have to break away to see who is available and Consolidated Student Schedule, so you can check what else the student has booked without having to break away.


Check-In Check-Out Mode

Tutoring Centers and individual tutors can switch Oases to Check-In Check-Out mode to capture the exact times a student arrived and departed and who signed them in or out.

This information is stored in the relevant session and is available to the Custom Reporting area. The Check-In Check-Out is a data gathering feature only and is not designed to be a security feature to prevent unauthorized pick-up.

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