Custom WebForms

The best tutoring software will capture information from your website visitors using forms. Oases tutoring management software will do this for you and deliver the data directly to Oases with Oases Custom WebForms.


Enrollment Form

  • Customer enrollment – stand alone webforms
  • Customer enrollment – linked MarketPlace webforms
  • Student enrollment to an existing or new family


Tutor Application

  • Tutor or employee application webforms


You create the webform in your Oases Online database with the required fields. Consequently, a snippet of code is produced by Oases which you copy. This code is then published to your website to display the form on a page of your choice.

If you are using Oases MarketPlace storefront you can also append a webform to your check out process.

Add fields of your choice and determine the destination fields and location in Oases. You can also add the URL of a Thank You page or a What’s next page to display after the form is submitted.

Any changes to your form in Oases change dynamically on your website. No need to re-post that pesky code! We recommend that you create a thank you page on your website like this one, Oases will automatically redirect your form submitters to the thank you page you indicate; you can also include next steps and other helpful information.

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